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Friday, June 14, 2013

Fun Integrating a Flipped Classroom

This year ended with a bang! I really enjoyed how students responded to the different technology tools and digital learning activities I presented to them. Next school year, I have decided to step it up a notch and integrate a Flipped Classroom model.

A Flipped Classroom is where students do their learning at home and do practice, remediation, and enrichment activities during class time. The selling point for me was know I would have more time during class to work with my students.

This school year (and all others) I experienced many students not having all the required foundational skills needed to be successful in math. I believe the Flipped Classroom model will help me give students that additional time and support.

This post will be dedicated to sharing my experience...Set-up, resources, my implementation success or failures, and student's experiences. So don't forget to Subscribe to get all the latest as I have fun integrating a flipped classroom!

Getting Started... Be able to answer these questions!

1.    Where will you get your content?
2.    Where will you store the video content you create?
3.    How will you organize the content for your students?
4.    How will students access classroom content?
5.    How will you assess what students have learned?
6. How can you modify your classroom space to encourage learning?

1. Saving YouTube Videos

To begin my Flipped Classroom model, I did a backward curriculum map for Units 1 and 2. I knew what students needed to learn and the experiences I had with my students the past school term. I wanted to ensure enough time on essential topics, so I began with Modeling Linear Relationships and Equations and Systems of Equations. I made a list of all topics for each Unit and began searching YouTube to find appropriate, meaningful videos.
I am fortunate to have a 1:1 iPad cart in my classroom, so I wanted to find a way to save videos so students can view them at home or school. The purpose of the Flipped Classroom is for students view instructional videos at home. So saving the videos as a .mov file, I could also create DVDs for students who do not have internet accesss at home.
There are a load of FREE online converter tools for YouTube Videos...I decided to use Clip Converter. It requires no registration and very easy to use. As I found videos, I converted them, and saved them on a flashdrive.
Once I had my videos converted and saved, I started by next step...finding ways to allow students to basically show they viewed the videos....

2.  Video Library and 3. Organization

Our school have EDU 2.0 and Edmodo, which is similar to Blackboard, Moodle, etc. I am leading more towards Edmodo, only because it is a new digital tool for me. I think students will be more engaged with it because it is similar to Facebook. Students will have access to videos on their phones, iPads, tablets, and desktops. For students who are unable to get internet access after school hours, DVDs will be created with the video library for students. The video library will organized by Units and with Units, Lessons.

4. Classroom Content

Practice Student Activities (PSA)
Students will complete practice activities, projects, and labs following the viewing of videos. These activities are things that I have used throughout my 11 years of teaching. Some I found on the internet and some I got from other teachers. This part of the model will consist of a lot of my digital learning tools such as Glogster, GO Animate, iMovie, etc. Activities will be posted on EDU 2.0 and on our class Daily Playlist board.  Please check my The Flipped Classroom Resource Pack in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Students will also be provided with an Activity Sheet  and a Unit Choice Board for each Unit that will have a list of all required activities that must be completed within the Unit.
5. Accountability
Students will  keep video logs that will require them to log the video they viewed, length of video, and a summary of what they viewed. Parents will be required to sign student's video log. I also created several Lesson Summary Activities as documents and using Google Forms for students to complete after viewing videos...
~3-2-1 Lesson Summary
~Key Ideas
~Shaping Up Review
Students will be required to complete one for each lesson they view. I have not decided if I will choose their Lesson Summary Activity ( these can be found in my Formative Assessment Exit Slips)or if I will give them an option to choose. These and a list of others can be found in my The Flipped Classroom Resource Pack in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
Students will also be required to practice topics with an At Home Practice (AHP) worksheet. These worksheets will provide students with the opportunity to practice problems using what they learned from the video. This will be checked for completion and not accuracy. Students will work in groups to go over At Home Practice assignments, while I circulate to assist students in understanding what they learned during their video viewing or At Home Practice assignments.
I found these assignments at Algebra 1 Online! This site is the best, with tons of worksheet, activities, additional notes and videos. I also use this as a resources link for students to continue to practice and learn about each topic.

 6. Modifications...Under Construction!
Other things to assist in our journey:
  • Students will be able to communicate with me outside of school using Google Voice, email, or EDU for help.
  • Students will use Today's Meet as a Parking Lot to post questions or problems they need assistance with.
  • Students will create an Interactive Notebook that will be used as a study toolbox.

More to come....In the meantime, check out this great site created by Dan Spencer!


Monday, December 17, 2012

On the 8th Day....Fun Review Games for Finals

After Christmas break students will return to school for 8 days of review prior to taking their End of Course Exams. Giving my students packets with hundreds of problems, but that would only lead to them giving up, sleeping, and not even trying. So below of 8 fun activities I created to motivate and engage my students in their final exam reviews.

1. Vocabulary Gallery Walk - Each student will be given a word to define and provide an example for. Students will use Sock Puppet or Go Animate to create a mini skit to define and example their word. Students will lay iPads around the room and walk around to review each skit. Sticky notes will be placed near iPads for students to leave comments. Students will be instructed to write definitions and examples as they view each skit on their Vocabulary Gallery Walk Recording Sheet.

2. Word Problems Movie Premiere  - Students will placed in groups and will be given a word problem to create a movie. Each group will write and record a movie that tells their problem and the process they took to solve it. iMovie Instructions and Rubric To have fun, host a Movie Premiere, with popcorn, candy, drinks, and a red carpet.

3. BINGO - I love using Bingo Baker to create a BINGO game students can use on their iPads. Creating one is easy and students love using their iPads to play. Use it vocabulary, specific content review, or overall review. Here's a list of directions to create you on.

4. QR Codes Scavenger Hunt - Create QR Codes with word problems and other review problems to post in the classroom and the school. Give students the problem in the code to scan and put answer on another sheet with the answer. Example of a QR Code Scavenger Hunt for Equations.

5. Think- Pair-Share - Students will complete a series of problems that first require them to think about the process to solve the problem (gather their ideas), then students will get with a partner and work out the problem. Partners will share their problem and process of solving the problem using an interactvie whiteboard app such as Doddle Buddy.

6. Speed Dating - Using the Released Test from our state, each student will receive one problem to solve and explain. Students will use ScreenChomp or SonicPic to create a presentation that tells their problem and explains how to solve. Students will be required to show their work and record the steps they took to solve it. Speed Dating Directions.

7. Final Exam Think-Tac-Toc - Discussed in a earlier blog and article, this is a great way for differentiated instructions. Students are allowed to choose 3 activities to help in thier review. I incorporated technology tools in my version called Final Exam Think-Tech-Toe.

8. Flashcards Review - Create flashcards using StudyBlue. Share your cards with students. Have study them using study and test mode. I created a set for my students. If you teach Integrated Math 1, you are more than welcomed to use the Integrated Math 1 Vocabulary Review Cards.

These are 8 fun review games that is sure to get students motivated to review for their final exams!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

On the Tenth Day...10 Digital Tools to Engage Students in Word Problems

On the 10th Day of Christmas, F.I.T. gave to me 10 digital tools to engage students in word problems.

Most kids hate these 2 words, word problems. For many they are very unmotivated to solve them because they are boring and difficult to understand. Students are usually use to teachers giving them a word problem and having them use some type of word problem plan to solve it.

To motivate and engage my students in solving word problems, I used apps that I knew would get them interested in solving them. Each of these apps provide students with the opportunity to become engaged in learning and practicing word problems.

The apps below motivate students to learn through storytelling, analyzing, and demonstrating. Students take photos or draw pictures to tell the story of the word problem. Screenshots can be taken of students solving their word problems. Voice recordings can be added to explain their process.

5.      Sock Puppet

 You can use any one of these Storytelling Apps to engage your students in word problems and get them excited about learning. Implementation is very easy. Give each students a word problem, have them create a story around the problem, solve the problem, and incorporate the answer into the story.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

iPad Review Stations

With the end of the semester drawing near, so are the plans of preparing students for final exams. Check out these 8 iPad apps to create fun, engaging, review stations for your students.

1. ScreenChomp - explain the process to solving a problem.

2. StudyBlue - create flash cards to review vocabulary words.

3. Socrative - Game mode to practice review problems.

For full article, at Edudemic.

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