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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Got G.A.P.S.? and F.A.T., It Does A Student Good

Fundraiser to fund trip to ISTE14!


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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Digitally Speaking in Math with Voice Threads

As I was creating my codes, I decided to integrate Voice Thread into the activity as well. My co-worker introduced me to Voice Thread last week. Voice Thread is an engaging digital learning tool students can use to communicate in class. Voice Thread is a audio blog that allow students to record text and audio comments about uploaded images or sites.The basic account is free and allows you to create up to 5 threads.

I created a few threads for my students to use as Exit Slips for class next week. I have included an example below. In this example, we will a Order of Operations Voice Thread to review Order of Operations with students. The task will be for students to create a mnemonic device to remember the Order of Operations.

A TwitFriend sent me this link with good resources on Voice Threads. Check it out if you are interested in more information.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Digital Learning Day


I am so excited to prepare for Digital Learning Day! Check out a dozen of  Digital Learning Projects you can integrate into your class to promote an innovative learning math environment!

1. Video Blogging
2. Twitter Writing Project
3. iMovie and Word Problems
3. Animation Videos
5. Glogster Project
6. Word Clouds
7. Podcasts
8. Today's Meet Project
9. Math in the News Blogging
10. Fotobabble
11. QR Codes Activities
12. Think-Tech-Toe

For ideas, printables, strategies, rubrics, check out our Store!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Micro-Blogging and Writing in Math with Twitter

I am so excited to begin writing in math using micro-blogging digital tools. Our class will be using Twitter to begin writing in Math . I created a class Twitter account and came up with 25 writing prompts for students to write on. I will randomly give each student a different prompt to add variety to our Twitter page. Students will tweet their prompt and other students will reply to their tweets.

Step 1: Create a class Twitter account.
Step 2: Have students create a Twitter account.
Step 3: Assign a time to integrate writing into the classroom.
Step 4: Create prompts for your class to tweet on...Click here for a project with rubric: Twitter Math Prompts.

~Protect your tweets and make them private.
~Have students create an account using at least thier name, so you can recognize them for assessment purposes.

Other ways to use Twitter in Math!

1.    Data Project: To collect data to create bar graphs and circle graphs. Students will poll followers on Twitter to collect their data.
2.    Polling: Create a twitter poll to collect data for graphing, prior knowledge assessment, etc. (Starts at $9 per month).
3.    Closures: Students tweet a summary of what they learned in class on a specific topic/concept
4.    Vocabulary Reviews: Give each student a different vocabulary word and have them tweet the definition, a picture, etc. Registered & Protected

Monday, November 26, 2012

Using Digital Tools to Integrate Blooms Taxonomy

I love to integrate multiple educational researched based activities in my daily lessons. This is an example of a lesson that incorporates the 6 (six) levels of Blooms Taxonomy using digital tools

Visit my article on Edudemic:
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A Blooms Taxonomy Math Lesson on Systems of Linear Equations

Remember: Create a mindmap to demonstrate when isthe best situation to use each method for solving systems of linear equations.

Understand: Tweet your favorite method to solve systems of linear equations and explain why.

Apply: Given a system, use ScreenChomp to solve ande xplain the steps to solving the system of linear equations.

Analyze: Create a Stickyboard to explain thedifference between the methods of solving linear equations.

Evaluate: Assess using Socrative to determinewhether or not you understand how to solve systems of linear equations.

Create: Use Sock Puppet to compose a skit on the3 methods to solve a system of linear equations.

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