F.A.T. It Doe A Student Good Web 2.0 Assessment Tools

KidBlog.org and Go Animate

Kid Blog is a teacher controlled blog site students can use to communicate their understanding of a topic. Go Animate allow student to create animated videos to share their understanding. What  great fun digital learning tool to assess students.

Today's Meet

Today's Meet is a micro-blogging site that allow students 140 characters to show their understanding of a topic, give  meaning of  word, or respond to  question. No registration is required. I like the opportunity to print the transcript.



Socrative is a wonderful fun assessment strategy to use in your classroom. This strategy is a smart student response system that allow teachers to engage students in assessments they create.

For complete steps, ideas, and tips vist the How It Works page.

Another FAS (Fun Assessment Strategy) for you to use to assess students understanding of vocabulary and concepts is using Fotobabble! Students can find an image of  a vocabulary word and record the meaning. Their product can be shared with a link or embedded code.

BrainPOP and Active Expressions! 
I'm a BrainPOP Educator Badge
BrainPOP and ActivExpressions was a success! Students were engaged and interactive in their quiz. The success of other students was motivation and inspiration to other students to be more successful. I was excited. As a passionate teacher who prides herself on creating the most engaging and interactive classroom environment, BrainPOP and ActivExpressions provided me with both. Students were motivated and inspired to learn and be successful! Learning should not be restricted to just paper and pencil, but redefined to engage students through tools that motivates and inspires them to learn.


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