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Now Scheduling On-Site Workshops and Trainings for Schools for the 2014!
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All of our workshops are hands-on, engaging, inspiring, and fun!

  • F.A.T. (Formative Assessment Tools) It Does a Student Good
  • Do You Have F.I.T. (Fun Integrating Technology)? 2013 NC Assistant Teachers Association Presentation
  • Taking the Common out of Common Core Standards
  • Fun Digital Tools to Engage and Motivate Students
  • Team Building
  • Motivating the Un-Motivated
  • Diversifying with Math Stations 

Our workshop is hands-on and allow participants to learn fun strategies, activities, projects, and technology tools to flip their classroom from ordinary to extraordinary. 

On-site Professional Development Workshops includes:
1. Modeled and practice hands-on and interactive presentations. Participants are actively engaged in each strategy and/or activity presented.
2. Participants are provided with ready to use resources and digital books to integrate into their classroom.
3. One-on-One assistance to creatively customized resources to meet the need of their students. 

Onsite School Workshop Tiers

Tier 1: Full Day Workshop $500
Full Day Workshops are presented to teachers throughout the instructional day during their planning period. This eliminates the teacher from missing time out of the classroom during the instructional day. All participants will receive a digital copy of resources to use in classroom.

Tier 2: 90 Minutes Workshop $300
90 Minute Workshops are provided during workdays or after-school for all staff members to participate in. The 90 Minute Workshop Tier is provided for groups of no more than 35 staff members.

For District Workshops and Consultation Fees,
please contact me.

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To host an on-site Professional Development workshop at your school designed to support your educational program contact me at:

Felecia Young


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