Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Preparing A New School Year with the 4c's of 21s Century Learning

It' less than 2 weeks away...we are about to embark on another educational journey. I always get excited to begin a new school year. This year is extra exciting because we are going 1:1. Each of our students will have a MacBook Air to learn 21st century skills in each of their classes.

In my classroom, students will embrace the 4c's of Century Learning.

The foundation of the 4c's will begin with the understanding of each mathematical topic in Math 1.

With 1:1 I can continue with my Flipped Classroom. It will be much easier to hold gets accountable because each of them will have technology. I've saved all my videos as a file in the event students do not have Wifi. I like YouTube videos better to teach concepts to my students. Each video was saved as a MP4 file using Clip Converter.

Google Drive is my storage hive. I created a shared student folder for each unit that have all videos, homework, and lap book (we will discuss soon) worksheets. Students can save each file for later use.

Google will play a large role in my Flipped Classroom. Google Sites Announcement will be use to provide students with their Math Workshop Assignment and Resources. Students will also use it in combination with Google Drive for their Digital Portfolio (I will post this soon. Still working out details. )

When students have an understanding of the topic and have practiced the concepts learned, we will enter into the 4c's Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication.


Working together to solve critical thinking problems is the core of Math 1. Students will be completing Math Workshops for each unit. Each Math Workshop will consist of a Problem Base Learning Activity. Students will work together in Groups to complete their MathWorkshop. Math Workshops will be posted using Google Sites Announcement.

Collaboration tools we will use includes....


Today's Meet is a BackChannel website that will be used for quick communication during class. You only have 140 characters for your response.


Critical Thinking

Math Workshops ~ This site will have all information and links for our Math Workshops.

Socrative ~ ROOM: SHSRoom117 ~ Socrative will be used as an assessment tool throughout our unit.

Kahoot ~ Video trivia game to assess your level of understanding throughout the unit.

Blogging ~ Students will blog with their digital portfolio using Google Sites. Each student will create their own page. Blog of the week will be posted and shared via Twitter and Facebook.

ThingLink ~ Make images interactive with words, music, and video.


The key to any successful relationship! I will be communicating with my students and parents with
Remind 101, Google Voice, Google Blog, Facebook, and Twitter (Follow us @4Room117). Parents will be able to have a full look into our classroom each day. With the digital communication tools, students will be able to get help after school hours.
Twitter ~ @4Room117

Google Voice ~ Our Text to Learn number is 704-856-9076. You can text me or screen shot me a picture of your problem and I will text you through it. Text to Learn is Monday - Friday 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm. If you have questions or issues about any class related concerns you can also use the Text to Learn number.

Facebook ~ Come look into Room 117 as we share with you what we are learning.

Email ~ youngfm@rss.k12.nc.us or 4room117@gmail.com are ways to reach me.


Students will create innovation presentations and projects throughout the semester. Projects such as Vocabulary, Math Workshop presentations, and  Word Problems will allow students to think outside the box and get creative in the math classroom.


Powtoon ~ A web 2.0 tool to create animated presentations and animated videos.

Glogster ~ Glogster allows students to combine videos, music, sounds, pictures, text, data, etc. in a digital poster format.

Go Animate ~ An animated video creation program.

Voki ~ A tool that all students to create their own talking character.

ThingLink ~ Make images interactive with words, music, and video.


The key to any successful relationship! I will be communicating with my students and parents with
Remind 101, Google Voice, Google Blog, Facebook, and Twitter (Follow us @4Room117). Parents will be able to have a full look into our classroom each day. With the digital communication tools, students will be able to get help after school hours.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Digital Storytelling with Word Problems

My students always groan when I give them a textbook assignment or worksheet with word problems. 

After the 3rd groan, moan, and sad looks, I decided to use digital media to help me. 

Students were given a list of word problems to choose from to create and solve an equation. 

For this assignment I choose Sonic Pic for their digital tool. I was so amazed at the excitement and engagement they showed. 

I will continue to use digital storytelling as a means to solve word problems. Some tools I will integrate into the assignments will be:
-Sock Puppet

Students can use digital storytelling to create and solve word problems, explain a vocabulary, show their understanding of a specific topic. 

The key is motivating and inspiring them to be creative and innovative learners. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is a great way for students to share their knowledge in a fun and creative way. 

Their are many Web 2.0 tools and Apps students can use to have a fun digital storytelling experience. 

In honor of Dr. Seuss Birthday and Read Across America Day, students in my Math 1 class are creating digital stories about fractions. We have partnered with 2 elementary 5th grade classes to share our stories with. 

Although Fractions are not part of our curriculum, this project will provide my students with the opportunity to give back. It's allowing them to be creative and learn problem solving strategies. 

Students will use Keynote to create their digital stories and then save it as a PDF. From a PDF, they can they have it opened in iBooks. 

I'll share stories and pictures as we complete them! 

More to come....

Monday, February 3, 2014

Flipping 4 Room 117

It has been such a long time since I've posted on my FIT blog! Recently I've been so busy.

And...I finally started my flip classroom. Teacher tested, kids approved. Check out what we are doing at: www.flipping4room117.blogspot.com

Beginning February 3, we will have Tech Tuesday where I'll share a tech tool, activity, or project for you to use. If you have any suggestions, email me at youngfm30@gmail.com. Be sure to put Tech Tuesday help in the subject line. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Games, Assessments, Projects, and Strategies...Oh My!

I had  request to do a Resource Pack for a client. He wanted 10 games he could use in his math class with average to below average students. I had a few in my previous eBook, that he enjoyed, so I created a few more!

Book Type

I really enjoyed creating these games and thought it would be nice to share my creation with you.

Included in the Got G.A.P.S.? Game Edition you get 10 games...
Who Wants to Be a Mathionaire? (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?)
60 Second Challenge (Minute to Win It)
Are You Smarter Than Your Classmate? (5th Grader)
Win Lose or Draw
Math-a-gories (Scattergories)
MathaBoo (Taboo)
Amazing Race Equations Edition
Pick Up Sticks

These games are easy to integrate into your lesson plans to add fun and engagement! Students will not know they are actually learning.

Got G.A.P.S.? The Game Edition is only $5!!!

Book Type

Less than $1 per game. Cheaper than buying these board games in the store with no math content at all!

Hosting a Math Night...This is a must have! A great resource pack to have an awesome Math Family Game Night!

For a limited only, you can get a copy of all 3 of my resource books for $20!
Filled with games, activities, projects, strategies, and formative assessment tools!

Book Type
has Choice Menus, Matho, Games, Digital Projects and more to get students motivated to learn mathematics.

If you are interested in providing students with the opportunity to share what they are learning in an engaging and creative way, check out our F.A.T., It Does A Student Good book.

F.A.T. has over 30 different engaging activities for students to use as formative assessments.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

F.A.T. It Does A Student Good ~ Formative Assessment Tools

Formative Assessments is essential in student's academic success. Integrating formative assessment tools into your instruction will help students understand their learning and help you guide instruction.

Formative Assessment tells the student (1) where they are going (2) what they are now and (3)how they can close the gap. 

The must important part of formative assessments is the feedback. Feedback should be individualized and tell the students how to improve. 

In my book F.A.T. I share many formative assessment tools and ideas to track student process. 

 Here are a few ideas you can use:

Tweet Summaries: Give students 140 characters to share what they have learned. 

Parking Lot Self -Assessment: A quick and easy self-assessment for students is a Parking Lot. Students rate their level if understanding and place on the board. 

WallWisher: This is a digital formative assessment tool. I took a worksheet cut the problems out and allowed students to draw a problem. Each student solved their problem and posted the solution and the method they used to the Wall. 

Book Type


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Math Game

              Halloween Ghost Busters

My students are studying multiplying and dividing monomials. In the spirit of Halloween, I created the game Ghost Busters. 

Students will be separated into 2 teams. Each team will send one partner to Board  A to solve a problem. When they get their answer, they will go to Board B to find the ghost with that answer. My board faces each other, so they will be prohibited from turning around. 

All students will be required to work out each problem for participation grade. 

The team with the most ghosts at the end of the game will get a Halloween treat! 

This game is similar to The Flyswatter Game you can find with others in my new book: Got G.A.P.S.?
Check out and order your copy today!

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